What people say about Mike Mo

Joseph Sammut reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

July 6 · 

Great clothing & accessories!! Clean & chic, love the selections and the company is direct & caring with their customers. Excellent shopping experience. Thank you!!

Michael D. Robinson reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

July 6 · 

Great, colorful, comfortable clothing! Take your friends there for a better grade!

Pam Canning reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

July 18 · 

Love my robe!!!!

Corene Dumas reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

May 22, 2016 · 

I love Mikey Mo's wearable art. I have many in my collection. In Washington state i wear them all winter. It brings lotz of sunshine to the rainy days here.

Eric Kephart reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

November 8, 2015 · 

I shopped for fabric in here and loved it! ben, the sales lad on the floor was cool and very informative! Love this store!

Mark DiLuciano reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

December 8, 2016 · 

Great shirts made in USA and Mike is a Wonderful guy to talk with

Ben Kral reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

May 3, 2017 · 

Best clothing in Key West! Mikey is a true gem!

Beverly Gosdin Gibbins reviewed Mikey Mo's of Key West — 5 star

June 24, 2016 · 

What's to tell!!! Become part of the Island and shop Mikey Mo's!


MikeyMo Key West Wearable Art is BACK!

It was painful for me to say goodbye to brick and mortar.  It has taken a while to realize I can be just as personable and care about my customers, many who have become friends, by reaching out online.  This is my first attempt at CYBERSPACE.  Pictures and promos to follow.

I'm looking forward to working with anybody that appreciates vibrant color and quality and isn't afraid to wear it.

Still working with quality spun crushed rayon from Jams World and making my custom clothing here in Key West for those who appreciate the MikeyMo apparel.  Looking forward to a continued relationship with Jams World out of Honalulu - they have an incredible line of clothing for men and women.


Warm Regards,

Mikey Mo